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Hello, my name is Jett! Over the past year, I have embarked on a quest for personal growth. This quest has taken me to nearly every corner of the globe, allowing me to see new places, meet new people,  hear new perspectives, and challenge myself along the way. In an effort to continue my growth, I've decided to, once again, step outside of my comfort zone. So, I started this blog :). While I'm not active regularly, the purpose of this blog is to share the thoughts, ideas, and perspectives that make me think and smile and, in turn, make you think and smile as well. If you are here to look at my photos you can do so by looking at the portfolio tab! Whether it be one person or a hundred, I want to leave a positive impact on someone's life in the same way others have impacted mine :). If you ever want to reach out to me, whether it be to ask a question, to have a person to talk to, or just to hear a couple of positive words, my DMs and email are always open. I hope you enjoy the things I have to say, and most importantly, Live Righteously!

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